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A Lifetime of Adventure

Welcome to our little corner of the Internet, where we share our passion for travel, exploration, and food. As a married couple, we have traveled the world, visiting exotic locales, appreciating diverse cultures, and indulging in various cuisines. Our passion for travel has led us on unforgettable journeys and created lifelong memories.

Due to our wanderlust, we have embarked on multiple voyages and visited ten countries in the Caribbean and Central America over the past five years. From the pristine beaches of Aruba to the lush rainforests of the Dominican Republic, we encountered the beauty and individuality of each destination. Our travels have taught us the importance of immersing ourselves in the local culture and tasting foods worldwide.

Scott’s travel experience goes beyond our joint excursions. He spent six months exploring the enchanting landscapes of Europe, getting lost in France, admiring the historical marvels of Italy, and soaking up the artistic ambiance of Spain. Scott gained a deeper appreciation for the diversity of human experiences and the ties that unite us all with each new country he visited.

On the other hand, Julie has visited Hawaii and Asia multiple times, savoring the breathtaking natural landscapes and vibrant cultures that characterize these regions. The thrill of discovering new places has propelled Julie’s passion for travel. From the sun-kissed shores of Oahu to the bustling streets of Saigon, Julie has immersed herself in the diverse cultures and savored the exquisite cuisine of each destination she visits.

Together, we have traversed the continental United States, exploring everything from energetic metropolises to the tranquil countryside. Our travels have exposed us to iconic landmarks, concealed treasures, and unforgettable experiences that have enriched our lives and broadened our horizons.

Our passion for travel extends beyond merely visiting a location; it entails experiencing the local culture and cuisine. We believe that the best method to comprehend a place and its inhabitants is to interact with them, partake in their traditions, and savor their cuisine. This philosophy has led us to extraordinary experiences, such as dancing to the rhythmic beats of Caribbean music and learning from a local chef how to prepare authentic Yucatan tortillas. These moments define our travels and create unforgettable memories.

As we turn to the future, our itinerary is packed with exciting new experiences that we cannot wait to share with you. We hope our stories, experiences, and passion for roaming will inspire you to embark on a journey and discover the magnificent world that awaits you.

Join us as we travel the world and discover the rich tapestry of human experiences. Through our voyages, we hope to cultivate a sense of connection and understanding among individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds. We can dismantle barriers, acknowledge our similarities, and embrace our differences.

Welcome to Scott and Julie’s travel blog, where every day is a new adventure, and every trip is an opportunity to learn, create lasting memories, and “Roam Where You Want To.”

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